Why You Should Take a Break and Book a Travel During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been a part of our world for over a year, and during that time, we’ve had to adjust the way we go about our daily lives — from dining out with friends to seeing family and traveling for vacation. Even now, with vaccines readily available, many rules about traveling internationally change weekly and some people remain unsure about safety when flying.

However, with the holiday season coming up and restrictions on international visitors to the US being lifted soon, demand is expected to pick up again, so now may be the time to start looking at your travel plans for the November and December holidays. Regardless of whether you’re planning to go abroad or just across the country, here are five reasons you may want to take a break and book your flights now.

Most flights Can Now Be Changed For Free

Corona’s impact on travel has been obvious all around the world, but one of the few bits of good news is that the major US airlines — American, Delta and United — have dropped their change fees on most domestic tickets and international itineraries departing from North America.

The one exception is basic economy fares, and even many of those can be changed without a fee if you purchase your tickets before the end of the year.

Still, the new rules offer a lot more flexibility and make it more attractive to go ahead and book since there’s no risk of losing your money if you can’t end up traveling for the holidays. It also means it’s worth locking down a great deal for the future if you find one. Speaking of which…

Great Deals Are Everywhere

After a major increase in travel over the summer, demand ratcheted back down in the fall, so airlines are eager to get people back to booking travel again. And even if you may not be ready to jump on a plane right now, you can take advantage of deals now for trips in the future.

Demand For Travel to The US Is Picking Up

On Sept. 20, 2020, the US announced that for the first time since March 2020, noncitizens coming from Europe, the UK, Ireland, China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa and India will be allowed to enter the country. International passengers must be fully vaccinated in order to gain entry to the US, but the decision marks a major step forward in the reopening of the US to tourism.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

It’s been another tough year, and many people still haven’t seen their families in a long time. As the holiday season approaches — and it will be here before we know it — this could prove to be the perfect opportunity to return home or head away on a vacation.

By taking a break from all the troubles of the pandemic and booking yourself a trip now, you’ll have something to look forward to between now and then. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health, and the idea of an upcoming trip may help get you through the slog.

Things To Consider When Planning Your Trip

As you’re planning your trip, it’s good to be mindful of every possible scenario you could encounter. By taking a proactive approach, you can help keep yourself and those traveling with you safe.

Here are a few questions to consider as you’re creating your itinerary.

  • Is COVID-19 spreading where you’re headed?
  • Is COVID-19 spreading in your community?
  • Will you or the people who you are traveling with be within six feet of others during or after your trip?
  • Are the people who are traveling with you at high risk for COVID-19?
  • Do you live with someone who is at high risk?
  • Will the state or local government where you live or at your destination require you to stay home for 14 days after traveling?
  • If you get sick with COVID-19, will you have to miss work or other obligations?