Top 5 Attractions in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is one of the cultural high points of Northern England. When you arrive, you’ll see why. It has much to offer all kinds of guests; from leisure to business travellers. With so many places to visit in Newcastle Upon Tyne, you’ll be glad you came here.

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See what attractions you have to take time out for in Newcastle below:

Things to do in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Walk the Tynes Bridges

All in all, there’s seven bridges that span the River Tyne and you can walk across each and every one of them – even the three revolutionary ones. They represent the sophisticated and constructive elements of the north and its fascinating past. The High Level Bridge is the oldest one and was opened by Queen Victoria in 1849. The most famous one is the Tyne Bridge and has to be the first one you cross.

If you love to cross essential and infamous landmarks, then walking across these proud monuments of history is a good way to start.

Scope out Newcastle Castle

This well-preserved Norman fortified tower is a testament to the city’s name and its place in history. Begun in 1080 and completed by 1172, this is one of the top attractions for history lovers. You’ll find that the late Norman Chapel and the King’s Chamber can be visited as you explore the castle’s many old passages and medieval chambers. There’s also insightful displays of archaeological artifacts, and if you want fantastic views of the city then the tower is perfect for it.

Make sure you make some time for this monumental attraction. It is more than worth your time and appraisal.

Visit the Discovery Museum

Museums are always fun; offering insights into topics and showcasing exhibitions that take your breath away. This was one of the first science museums outside of London and features countless exhibits that feature all the locomotive and engine history along with paintings and sculptures, plus an extensive research library.

An exciting day out for all involved, don’t forget to check out the old windmills, WWII vehicles and vintage cars.

Meet up at Grey’s Monument and Grainger Town

Grey’s Monument is one of the most popular meet-up places in the city. Why don’t you meet up with someone you know, gaze in wonder at the 135-foot Grey’s Monument, and go for a walk down Grainger Street and Grainger Town; one of the most attractive shopping areas in the city.

So, if you love hanging out and going on huge shopping sprees then these attractions are right up your alley.

Check out Laing Art Gallery

Art lovers rejoice! This is one of the top art galleries in the city (others include the Hatton Gallery and The Biscuit Factory). Within the gallery are extensive collections of paintings and sculptures, including work by Gauguin, landscapes by John Martin, and paintings by 20th-century British artists like Stanley Spencer. Sculptures by Henry Moore and decorative arts from the 16th to 18th centuries can also be appreciated.

So if you are endlessly fascinated by great works of art, then you should definitely give this splendid museum a chance.