How to Eat Like a Local in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is infamous as a hot spot for foodies. From Dim Sum, Century Eggs, Mapo Dofu and Yuenyeung, there’s much to enjoy in the island nation. Mastering it all takes time and gallant efforts. There are many places to eat in Hong Kong, all of which give you some of the rich delicacies. provides serviced apartments in Hong Kong complete with great amenities that will give your trip a homely feel. You’ll be able to experience the luxury of bed and breakfast in Hong Kong when book your serviced accommodation at apartments in Hong Kong.

See what you should be eating to feel like a local.

Dim Sum

Hong Kong is the ancestral home of this Chinese cooking style and it’s not hard to see why. Hong Kong truly boasts the best Dim Sum that you’ll ever taste. Served in steamer baskets or small plates, the bite sized dishes are a joy to dip in and out of on your travels. They will soon become your favourite past time meal. Dumplings, rolls, buns – get all the tasty treats you need to re-energize your day.


Essentially coffee with tea, this is a popular beverage in Hong Kong and can be served hot or cold. To be a true local, this has to become your favourite beverage. You may find it weird combining coffee and tea but you’ll soon be having it at any time in the day. Most restaurants sell this as do open air food vendors and cafes. Due to its popularity you’ll be able to get hold of it very easily.

Century Eggs

A tasty delicacy, what they lack in looks they make up for in great taste. Duck, chicken or quail eggs are mashed into a mix of clay, ash and salt. They are then buried for a few weeks and then taken out of the earth ready to be sold in the open markets. Go ahead, try one. You’ll be surprised. No point trying to eat like a local if you won’t try the century eggs.

Egg Tarts

You’ve probably had them before in the UK around Christmas time or you eat them on a regular basis when you pick them up from a supermarket bakery. Either way, this is also a popular snack and treat in Hong Kong that can be picked up on your walks around the markets or when you’re out for a stroll of fresh air.



Exploring the many markets is another way to eat like a local. Pick up some fresh ingredients to nibble on through your exploration or just take in the hustle and bustle of the market streets. Even if you choose not to have a bite of anything, you’ll still blend in with the rest of the happy marketers.

Street Food

There’s no point visiting Hong Kong if you’re not going to immerse yourself in the gorgeous and lush street food. This is one of Hong Kong’s high points of culture and has to be experienced to be believed. Not only can you find all the food that we’ve covered nearer the start but you’ll also find a few new treasures that will make you feel even more like a local.