5 Things to Do in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Wedged in the corner of Northern England, you’ll discover the delightful city of Newcastle. It may not pop out like London, Manchester and Birmingham do but it does represent an important part of the region and country. Business and leisure travellers choose to come here every year to enjoy what it has to offer. Commerce and entertainment go hand in hand here.

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See what attractions you have to take time out for in Newcastle:

5 Key Attractions in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tynes Bridges

Seven bridges span the River Tyne and you can walk across each and every one of them. Of course, you might not see what’s so exciting about that. But these bridges represent the sophisticated industrial elements of the city’s past and its evolution. The most famous bridge is the Tyne Bridge. Make sure this is the first one you cross.

Newcastle Castle

Aside from being a mouthful to speak, this well-preserved Norman fortified tower is a testament to the city’s name and its place in history. Aficionados of history love coming here and it’s easy to see why. The Norman Chapel, the King’s Chamber, old passages, artefacts, displays and medieval chambers make this an insightful and extraordinary attraction. If you want fantastic views of the city then the tower is perfect for it.

Discovery Museum

We all love museums. Their insightful displays and passionate staff make every trip to one extra special and unforgettable. And here’s another one for you: the Discovery Museum. One of the first science museums outside of London, it features countless exhibits that proudly showcase the locomotive and engine history of the area, along with paintings and sculptures that are as imposing as they are beautiful. There’s even old windmills, WWII vehicles and vintage cars for your eager eyes to appreciate. Don’t miss it.

Grey’s Monument and Grainger Town

One of the most popular meet-up places in the city, Grey’s Monument is where you can meet with old friends, family and business clients before you take off into the weaving streets. Nearby is Grainger Town, one of the most attractive shopping areas in the city that will provide you with all the goods you needs to have a spectacular time in Newcastle. Shopping sprees are always fun, and even more so here.

Laing Art Gallery

Art, art and more art. The world is full of it, and Newcastle is no different. At the Laing Gallery, you’ll discover a grand collection that you’ll wish was yours. Browse works by Gauguin, landscapes by John Martin, and paintings by 20th-century British artists like Stanley Spencer. Sculptures by Henry Moore and decorative arts from the 16th to 18th centuries can also be found. If art opens your soul, it’s fair to say that yours will be full by the time you leave.