5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments are Better than Hotels

When it comes to accommodation, we now have more choices than ever, and an increasing number of people are looking outside the traditional options; serviced apartments are one of them. When it comes to lodging, you will have trouble finding something that will give you the same level of comfort and quality for the price as a serviced apartment. Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, with a family, alone, or with a group of friends, serviced apartments are the best option. Here are five reasons why serviced apartments are definitely better than hotels.

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More Space

The first and probably biggest advantage of serviced apartments is how much space you’ll have. On average, you can expect to have at least 30{9a3d7de4a61996e5c935f10ee37b80a862a37cb5c5f09ac83b0aff732a4bfa47} more space in a serviced apartment than with a hotel room of a comparable standard. If you’re travelling with family, a group, or as part of a team, everyone will be able to enjoy their separate quarters, while still being able to regroup fast whenever you need to.

They Cost Less

You’ll also pay a lot less for your room when you go for a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments will cost you around 20{9a3d7de4a61996e5c935f10ee37b80a862a37cb5c5f09ac83b0aff732a4bfa47} less than an hotel room with similar amenities. And you won’t have to deal with hidden fees like room service or mini bars, for instance. Not to mention that most serviced apartments allow you to cook your own meals as well, which can significantly cut your travel expenses.

Great Locations

Another great thing is that serviced apartments are often in prime locations. Because they understand who their clients are, many serviced apartments will be near business centres and tourist attractions. Dream Apartments, for instance, have great serviced apartments in top destinations like Belfast, Newcastle and Liverpool. Most of them are either close to major metro stations or right next to some of the biggest attractions in the area.

More Freedom

However, one of the best things with serviced apartments is how much freedom you’ll have. You can work whenever you want, whip up a meal whenever you like, or even entertain guests. You’ll even have some additional space if you ever need to hold a business meeting, and there will be more than enough entertainment options for everyone.

Additional Perks

Serviced apartments also have tons of extra little perks that make them such a great deal. Some will give you your own washer and dryer while others will give you access to a communal laundry room. Some will also have additional services like a concierge, pools, and a gym room. However, they won’t be nearly as crowded as they would in a regular hotel and will allow for more privacy.

If you were still undecided on which type of accommodation you should go on your next holiday or business trip, we strongly suggest you go with a serviced apartment. You’ll get more for your money while truly feeling like you’re staying in a home away from home.