CANYONING BOHINJ! Different Ways to Enjoy Lake Bohinj

What comes to mind when you hear the word “canyoning”? Surely what is in the picture is canyoning Bohinj in Slovenia. Canyon is a name for a steep valley on the edge of the river. The canyon is usually created when the soil is eroded by the flow of the river and the river makes a steep valley and cliffs.

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is a sport to explore canyons using techniques and equipment that are almost the same as for rock climbing and cave trails, or better known as SRT (Single Rope Technic). Also many similar tools are used, such as cartel rope, harness, webbing, carabiner, the figure of eight, safety helmet, special rubber shoes, special clothing, and buoys.

Activities in canyoning Bohinj sports are quite numerous and can even be combined in accordance with the creativity of the activists. For example, rappelling, climbing, swimming, and cliff jumping. Of the many sports techniques that can be used by the activists, this activity requires some creativity and ability.

Try Canyoning Bohinj

If you are on vacation in Slovenia, canyoning Bohinj activity is an alternative to other activities in Slovenia. The canyoning sport itself has several different locations; one of them is canyoning Bohinj. Canyoning Bohinj itself is an adventure activity that challenges your adrenaline.During the trip you will pass several rapids or jump spots with varying heights. You want be only impressed by the adventure that you get, but you will also be surrounded by the views of the beautiful river pools  and cliffs.

Want to try this sport with your friends?  If you want to  enjoy waterfalls and canyons a new way, then coming to Bohinj is the best idea. Of course, to do this canyoning Bohinj activity, you must be accompanied by people who are experts in this field, because this sport is quite extreme and stimulates a lot of adrenaline. You will get amazing experiences, and you can also get other ways to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, canyons and pools.