Things to do in Japan

Japan, whose capital is Tokyo, is an island country in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Japan is a country for tourists to explore as it has a lot of places to be visited.

When you want to explore Japan, you can take advantage of travel agencies in the country. If you get the right travel agency, they will be able to provide you with classy services that will make your trip more worthwhile. If you are concerned about how to find the right company that will be affordable, then you should read Japanese travel agencies reviews on US-Reviews. The reviews will provide you with the opportunity to see what other people have experienced when they patronized different travel agencies in the country. You will subsequently be guided on which companies you should patronize and which countries you should avoid. Here are examples of things to do in Japan;

Going on a Food Tour

Going on a food Tour could be one of the most exciting things to do in Japan. Ranging from local to continental dishes, Japan has varieties of food to check out. The Retro Osaka food Tour, Old Town Tokyo Food Tour are examples of football agencies

Taking a ride on the Bullet Train

Train journeys are wonderful as you can put on your headphones, sit back and look out the window at the town and life passing by, the most beautiful part is when you have to pass through the mountains or along the coastline

Visiting local Shrines and Temples

In Japan, Temples and Shrines are historic and sacred places left in a natural state making their ground look more serene and attractive. Japan, having a wide range of religious group also has numerous centers for worship and prayers

Watch The Monkeys at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

It is a captivating view to watch the monkeys at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, it is also a place for tourist to explore as the monkeys entertain them by performing activities like soaking themselves in a natural hot spring

Wandering through a Bamboo Forest

The famous Bamboo Forest in Japan is located in Arashiyama, the bamboo Forest is stunning as it is visited by tourists from all over the world every year

Watching Sumo Wrestlers Fight

It is an irresistible sight to see in Japan, Sumo is Japan’s oldest sport and its origin is estimated to be around 1500 to 2000 years, the schedule of tournament and host cities are the same each year

Exploring Tokyo’s Nightlife

Tokyo is a city that neither sleeps nor goes home. In Tokyo, nightclubs rise several stories and play different genres of music on each floor

Singing at The Karaoke Booth

In Tokyo, instead of singing for an audience of drunk strangers at the booth, you’ll get a private room with thousands of international song selections. You can even get karaoke rooms with party lights and free costumes you can borrow to turn it up

Learn how to play Pachinko

Most pachinko halls use rainbows of dazzling lights to attract customers, and when you enter, you will get assaulted by pings, dings, and animated characters inviting you to try a machine. Slide your money through the slot, and turn the dial to send silver balls flying through a pinball-like maze. If you win, you can make trades for cash and prizes, but if you lose, your balls will disappear!

Take a Japanese Cooking Class

In this cooking class, you’ll get the knowledge of Japanese cuisine and also learn what goes into some dishes like making sushi.