Benefits of taking a bicycle holiday

A bicycle holiday is a form of holiday in which one uses a bicycle to cycle across destinations. The trip could take place in a day, week, month or year. Usually, the tourist identifies the destinations to be reached and then draws a map on how to get to each of the destinations. Typically from the starting point, first destination to reach, second, third, fourth and so on. Time is also a factor to be considered in cycling holiday. For example, from the starting point, how many minutes, hours, days or weeks should be allotted before reaching the first destination. Secondly, how much time should be spent at first destination before going for second destination and so. It is also important to come up with an idea of what activities and engagements to be involved in each of the destinations. These could a stop by market or art exhibition centre along the road.

Mainly, the idea behind cycling holiday is to achieve fitness through the holiday. To get a perfect cycling holiday, it is important to get the right travel insurance policy among others. You can read reviews of medical travel insurance companies on to find the right insurance policy for your perfect bicycle holiday. A perfect bicycle holiday comes with benefits that include:

Increased cardiovascular fitness

Bicycle cycling holiday helps in increasing the cardiovascular fitness of the body.

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Cycling as a form of holiday helps in increasing muscle strength and flexibility of the body.

Improved joint mobility

Cycling helps in improving joint mobility which is very essential in healthy living.

Decreased stress levels

Another importance of cycling is that it helps in decreasing stress levels in the body.

Strengthened bones

Cycling goes a long way in strengthening bones in the body. It also restores activeness in the bones

Decreased body fat levels

Cycling for a long-distance helps in cutting down fat from the body. This happens through the sweat that comes out of the body during cycling.

Generally, a perfect bicycle holiday trip is one in which one embarks on the trip and returns successful deriving all the benefits embedded. The benefits such as fitness, sightseeing, change of environment, meeting new people, taking photographs, enjoying goods and services, gathering the experience and most importantly returning home safely

There are countries of the world that provide the best of services in cycling holiday. Let’s take a look at some of them.


The popular French nation is the home of the world’s biggest and most famous bike race known as Tour de France. Whether it’s Paris, Cannes, the Alps, Mont Ventoux, Luberon Valley, or the Col de Galibier, France got you covered with its well-established cycle tourism infrastructure that spans all of its regions, making them all accessible to anyone pedalling their way through the country.

If you’re planning for a cycling holiday, France should top your list of destinations for consideration.


With thousands of kilometres of clearly marked cycling routes, Denmark is undoubtedly one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world. Bike routes connect everything in the country, from remote villages to the densest parts of Copenhagen. One of their cycle routes is the 11 main National Cycle Routes which consist of long stretches of dedicated bicycle paths where no motorized vehicles are allowed to run. One of the top cycling routes is number 29 from Nibe to Hvalpsund, which takes through several scenic towns along the Danish countryside. If you are considering a bicycle holiday, visit Denmark’s official tourism websites to see maps and information that would help you plan your trip successfully.


If you’re an avid biker, travelling across Iceland on a bike will be one of the most rewarding –albeit somewhat gruelling– travel experiences you’ll ever have. You can circle the entire country by biking the Ring Road, which is mostly flat on most parts along the south and western regions. The Ring Road, while easy to access, take you close to many of the most stunning landscapes and waterfalls you can see in Iceland.