5 Reasons You Should Stay Off Alcohol When Travelling

Alcohol intake has been classified as one of the major causes of accidents, this is one good reason why you need to stay away from it while travelling. There are many other reasons and after discovering them, we believe you will have a rethink.

1. To prevent hangovers

A hangover is not an interesting feeling. No one gets up the next morning after binge drinking feels happy about the effect. Having this feeling during your trip will hinder you from enjoying the experience and all there is. According to opinions on UK.collected.reviews, if you are travelling to a country you have never been, drinking will make you lose that beautiful experience and the beauty of seeing another side of our world. Treat yourself well, stay away from alcohol.

2. Alcohol makes you forget things easily

Drinking will make you forget things, even beautiful scenes you saw on board and the beautiful experiences you had with other travellers. You can even forget your destination, important document, your personal belongings and money, which is unpleasant. Global food companies will always advise travellers to avoid alcohol because of its effects.

3. To avoid doing things that will embarrass you

Alcohol can make you oversleep, get into fights, say the wrong things and it is certain you will throw up after getting drunk. I am sure these are not what you would love to do anywhere especially amidst strangers, so keep the alcohol away and enjoy your trip. Don’t drink alcohol because you feel like, you need to avoid doing things that will embarrass you and your travel partner. You also need to know that there are countries where getting drunk in public is seen as a ridiculous thing.

4. Dehydration

If you are travelling in a hot or humid region the best thing you will do for yourself is to avoid drinking, because alcohol can get you dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to other critical medical conditions which can cause you to spend more than you have budgeted. Keep yourself from these troubles which I am sure you are not prepared for and stay happy. Stay away from alcohol and enjoy your trip in good health.

5. Drinking can cause you to overspend

Alcohol can be addictive and it would make you yearn for more till you spend the last dime in your pocket. If you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of your journey don’t drink. It is not a nice thing to get stranded in a country you have never been, where you know no one. Keep the alcohol away, be good to yourself. Instead, you can save your money for a native meal or art work.


These are just some of the many reasons why alcohol should be avoided like a plaque when travelling. They are for your safety and security. Make a decision today to do away with alcohol and experience peace and stability in your next trip.